Important Things to know about Samples:

1) What is a Sample?
A product that is either Blank (non-printed) OR previously printed for any of our other clients (which will be sent to you for reference only to judge the quality of the printing) depending on the availability of the product. Pl. note that we do not guarantee a printed sample (with text printing) and it could be Blank. Generally, samples are ordered to better understand the look and feel of the product including the thickness of the material, quality of the paper, texture of the paper, color of the paper and so on.
2) Can I get my text printed on just one sample?
No. We cannot print just one sample and send it to you. Ordering a Sample option is designed to help you judge the quality and style of the product. Text will only be accepted when a Bulk Order is placed. However, we will send you a Black & White pdf file for your approval within 2 business days, once the Bulk Order has been placed.
3) When will I receive my Samples?
Most of our Sample products are shipped within 2-3 business days from our warehouse and it takes an additional 3-4 business days in transit. The total turn around time can be 5-6 business days depending upon the destination country.